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Apple and Tequila Salad.

  • Nov. 11th, 2009 at 10:22 AM
So, its hot in Melbourne and its ages since we've had a theme, so I hereby announce salad week and ask everyone to post their favourite salad recipes!

We invented this salad last night in a one of those what do we have in the cupboard/garden/fruit bowl moments.

Apple and Tequila Salad

Diced Apple, don't peel it (I used a red delicious and a green apple, so nice colour contrast)
Diced Kiwifruit
Fresh chopped chives
Fresh chopped mint
Juice one orange
squeeze of lime juice
splash of tequila

Chop all the ingredients into a bowl. Squeeze the liquid over the bowl. Fridge for about 15minutes so it tastes crisp and not room temperature. This might not be a problem if unlike me you keep all your ingredients in the fridge to begin with, we were raiding the veg garden and fruit bowl. Don't flood the bowl with juice, think of it like salad dressing, you just want to coat stuff and you may have to tweak quantities to get the taste right. After serving the salad, I may have drank the remaining dressing out of the bowl :) Mmm... orange, lime and tequila shot!