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Beetroot and Pumpkin Soup

  • Apr. 28th, 2008 at 8:50 PM
Otherwise known as what I had left in my fridge soup. So I looked in the fridge, I had a small wedge of pumpkin, a beetroot and few small potatos and a carrot, I looked dubious, that might make soup. I've made pumpkin soup before and I've make borscht before, but both use very different spicing, but what the heck I say, if it doesn't work I can order pizza :)

Catagory: soup

small wedge of pumpkin
1 large beetroot
1 carrot
smallish potato (i had five very small salad taters)
large onion
middle eastern spice mix
cream or sour cream

Obviously I was aiming to make a small pot of soup, that said I think I've still got dinner for the next 2 or 3 nights, either way, scale your ingredients accordingly, about equal amounts of beetroot and pumpkin and less carrot and potato.

Fry up your onion in butter, not oil, add garlic, ginger and spices, I was basically going for a vaguely middle eastern spice mix, but didn't add to much, you want the spice to be subtle, not overpowering the natural taste of the veg. Then I stirred through the rest of the roughly chopped veg until everything was coated in the butter, spice, onion mix.

Then I added enough stock to about the level of the vegs in my pot and brought to boil and continued to leave it bubbling for the next hour or so. I did add some extra stock when I thought it needed some, but really the amount of stock just determines how thick your soup is, I actually am not a fan of soup you can stand a spoon up in, which this would have been without extra stock.

Then blend the soup so its all smooth like, I like my barmix.

Serve the soup and swirl a dollop of cream or sour cream around for a nice pretty pattern, garnish with sprig of parsley.

This soup is a lovely luscious rich red colour, its nowhere as earthy tasting as borscht, rather it has a nice smooth flavour, combining the best elements of pumpkin and beetroot.

I really should post a photo, it looks so pretty.


sly_girl wrote:
Apr. 27th, 2009 11:44 am (UTC)
Ooo - pumpkin! I've made beetroot and carrot soup before but found it just a little plain. However, I've succeeded in livening it up with just a little apple. It sounds like dessert but it actually works as soup :)

I shall have to try it with pumpkin. Winter time! Soup time!